One Week Down

One Week Down I’m in San Francisco now, I have 2 pairs of pants and somewhere between 3 and 5 stylish shirts (taste variable), as of today I have razor blades which means I can shave and make my age recognizable to my new coworkers, I have no furniture or internets at home (can borrow […]

hääyöääliö älä lyö

That’s some badass Finnish shit I learned the first time I met the Jaiku guys over some sukiyaki when I was joining the team about a year ago today. So, the news is out and it feels good to finally have everything be “complete.” Anyway, along with all this, I am moving back to SF, […]


Today brings me to the ever wonderful Brouwerij ‘t IJ for a Struis and a little reading. Coincidentally enough, the book I just started, “Accelerando,” mentions Brouwerik ‘t IJ in the first pages, although it has featured De Wildemann more prominently so far. Taking that coincidence a bit further I could draw some more parallels. […]

Jaiku Over XMPP

Today calls for Caffe Esprit (yes, connected to the not very exciting clothing store) and its “Special Burger” of stomach fillage. Seems like few things make one as hungry as that state of pseudo panig that goes with scheduled downtime and feature releases, something about remembering all the things you forgot at the last minute, […]

Ars Electronica

At De Brakke Grond again today, it’s a bit chilly to sit outside but I’m doing my best to look relaxed and comfortable with my Chimay White. I’ll be headed to Ars Electronica in about a week (Sept 5) for about a week (Sept 11), of course if you have added me on Dopplr you’d […]

Special Times

I think I’ll try a slightly different approach to blogging, rather than spam Jaiku with updates whenever I am waiting for food by myself at a cafe for lunch I will use my trusty pen-moleskine combo to jot down something in prose concerning the deep philosophical implications of my current predicament. For example, I am […]

Google Reader, Yahoo Pipes and …

These are both questions of the dear-lazy-web variety. First off, I think Google Reader is pretty nice in quite a few ways (started testing it a bit after I saw the Scoble video about it some time ago) but the subscription management interface is pretty much useless. Hook it up with some drag-n-drop love? Anyway, […]

Escape from the Dutch summer!

That’s the title of KLM’s most recent spammy email to me, and the sentiment is a good one, this is the rainiest summer I’ve ever experienced. It’s not all bad, to be sure, there have been warm days and nights, a few of which where it didn’t rain at all. And the rain’s not terrible, […]

Three Ways to Make Your Developers Like You More

Some aggressions compounded from my experiences over the years with various managers, VPs, C*O’s and vision people. 1. Don’t send out anything in Powerpoint, Word or Excel formats. Your developers always end up having to manually convert whatever formatting you think you are doing for them into something that anything else in the world can […]

San Jose

In San Jose until the 3rd, any ideas where I can buy a bike? I suck at blogging now.