Meet My New Bike

My new bike – Photo copyright Mission Bicycles – CC BY-NC The glamour shots are out and Joi just blogged his. The picture above isn’t actually the final configuration for mine (but it is such a pretty picture), I ended up swapping the grip tape and seat for black because the pinks weren’t totally matching. […]

First Official Chill Evening

Yay! Last night after a bunch of hard work by Lindsay and Travis to clean up the house in preparation for the thanksgiving party we decided we would crack the seal on the projector and watch a not-mind-intensive movie (Spiderman 3) on our couches. I had picked up Anni to join the festivities and shortly […]

First Official Sunday

Woke up, wandered downstairs without a shirt on, turned on the pac, made some cereal and sat my ass on the couch to read the internet. Word.

2,3 Weeks

More like 3.5 but the kid (ha, I can say that, I’m old now) who proved the universality of the 2,3 Turing machine is giving a tech talk right now. I’ll have to watch the video afterwards. But yeah, 3 and a half weeks in, how do I feel? (This is one of those list […]

On Deliveries and Appointments, Part Deux

I’m not sure who to be more pissed off at, Citibank or Safeway. I decided to continue my pain and suffering and place an order online with Safeway for some household essentials because they can deliver 7pm-9pm. Seemed to go pretty well except today at 1:59pm I receive a call from Safeway, “your card was […]

On Deliveries and Appointments

Or lack thereof. My gas was being worked on Friday so they had to turn it off, they couldn’t get inside to check that all my appliances were working “safely and efficiently” so they never turned it on. In order to get it turned on before the 9th I have to schedule an all day […]


Hey, there’s a Barcamp happening about mobile stuff today, I’m apparently smart enough about mobile stuff now to be a judge for the event so come by and test your mettle against my gauntlet of mobile doom. MobileBarcampSF.


Finally a cause I can support by being lazy! Seeing Ian’s photo this morning made me decide to join up, I’ll try to keep track of my progress on Flickr and here’s a [direct donation link]( All the other details are below. During Movember (the month formerly known as November) I’ll be growing a […]

TermieSF Release: Nov 5th

Mark your calendars! Most of the necessities of life will arrive this week, and I am settling in to the new rhythm and job responsibilities with Google so I am officially aiming for November 5th as the first day of my new life in San Francisco. What does that mean for you? Well, it means […]