Mornings with the Chromebook (Google Cr-48)

A couple days ago I received a great surprise in the mail, Google’s prototype Chrome netbook. Lots of people have already written a bunch about it elsewhere, so I’ll just cover the things that were important to me. It fits perfectly into my daily flow as the device for all the stuff that isn’t being […]

Scifi Reading List

Reading list! I was hoping somebody would ask 😀 Iain M Banks was in there heavily, however I held off on the Culture novels for a bit because the two novels that were next aren’t available on Kindle, but they aren’t really dependent on each other in any way except for Look to Windward being […]

Seven Months of Travel

I fly home tomorrow, it will be my first time back in the U.S. since April 29th. The trip was mostly living for two months at a time in London, Berlin and Tokyo, between each we spent two weeks in Paris and in Bangkok / Koh Samui, and there were a variety of smaller trips […]

I Love e-Sports

I have a confession to make: I enjoy watching Starcraft 2 commentated matches. There are plenty of voices and personalities that I don’t care to sit through but there are a few great ones. My current favorites are the two guys on GOMtv, Artosis and Tasteless. There is something very authentic about the commentary and […]

An Intro to Metal

A friend recently emailed interested in getting some recommendations for getting into metal, so I wrote up a little guide for him which I will duplicate here. The main goal is to introduce somebody with little experience to modern metal, as opposed to something that would commonly be referred to as “heavy metal” in days […]

Introducing: VisivoTab

Writing an extension for Chrome is an absolutely wonderful experience. The APIs are great, simple and easy to debug. I decided that it was a bit cloudy for the park today so I may as well do something useful with all my idle time. I bring you VisivoTab, a Chrome extension that turns your ugly, […]

Leaving Google

In a few days I’ll be leaving my wonderful job at Google (working on App Engine) and setting out on my own for a while. It’s been an interesting ride, I’ve learned a lot and my coworkers have been awesome. I think App Engine is one of the coolest projects out there right now and […]

Beards of Python

It started off as a random joke for what I should spend my time at PyCon doing. 6:21:54 PM cbrumelle: you should do a photo essay entitled “the many beards of python” Quite a few people really got into the idea and stopped by my makeshift photo setup. Beards of Python. If anybody has nicer […]


I’ll be giving a talk at EuroDjangoCon in lovely Prague in early May. It’ll be about migrating a standard LAMP web site to App Engine. Abstract: Welcome to your new life in the cloud. Based on the experience of porting the now open source Jaiku microblogging service from a traditional set up to Google’s App […]

I Dream of the Perfect Desk

And maybe the perfect back, too, mine hurts a bit right now. I sit at a computer for the majority of my life, nearly as often as a sleep, and I can’t help but think that maybe there is some combination of desk technology that could make that experience one that is efficient and comfortable, […]