The Wind

The past couple weeks in SF have been windy. I feel like this is usually something I don’t mind but lately it makes me wish for escape. It’s a strange thing to have a weather phenomenon move you nearly to frustrated tears, but there it is. It comes from a few factors, of course. The […]


Many things take longer to do when you only have effective use of one arm. Typing, for example, or scooping ice cream (luckily eating ice cream is not very severely affected). I am learning this currently because I fractured some part of my elbow and my face in a bike accident earlier this week. My […]

It’s The Screamiest

A couple weekends back I participated in Art Hack Day with a bunch of neat people. If you’re unfamiliar, the idea is a weekend long hackathon “for hackers whose medium is art and artists whose medium is tech.” I had a bunch of ideas going in and tried to work with a few people but […]

I Prefer Simple Gifts^W^WSocks

Receiving gifts is something I’m not particularly good at doing. I don’t look excited enough, I’ll often make comments that undermine the pleasure of the gifter, and in general I just don’t seem very grateful. Due to this, I tend to prefer simple, practical gifts that people don’t expect me to gush over and have […]


For many years I lived a somewhat nomadic lifestyle. As a child I rarely lived in the same place for very long, and each move resulted in a variety of broken or lost toys. When I eventually found some stability for a couple years, things all went up in the air again. As a result, […]

The Return of Medium Format

I’d love to write this post about cameras and photography, I’m pretty happy shooting on 120 with my ancient Hasselblad, but I digress. Let’s talk about blogging. I am writing this on my phone. I love computers, I miss the days where generating content in computers was the way it worked. But now, when the […]

Will Somebody Fix Forms Already?

One of the great things about working with the government, becoming a full-time employee or having your company acquired is that you get to fill out forms. Lots and lots of forms. They all want the same data. They all want to be printed out, signed and scanned. My fingers crack and bleed just thinking […]

In Which We Acquire Rackspace

The word is out, Anso Labs has a new brother-in-arms. In all reality not a lot has changed, we do exactly what we were doing before (solving the open source cloud) but now we have more computers and a wealth of new teammates with lots of experience. Rackspace itself is a nice company to work […]

Anso Labs

I have a job. Technically I have it since pretty much the day I left Google but up until recently I had been a part-time contractor to leave my options open for contracts while I traveled around the world, but I am now a full-time employee of Anso Labs working on OpenStack and many things […]

Thirty-Four Dollars

And some small change is my current available monetary collection. Brushing quickly aside the relative value of that in other parts of the world and all the many people for whom this is a weekly occurrence, it isn’t a hell of a lot of money but it needs to last me the next few days. […]