On Alcohol

My family is full of alcoholics. It isn’t something I am ashamed of, but it is definitely something I have to be aware of, especially now that I have started drinking. Throughout my younger life I have been opposed to drinking, in greatest part due to watching the effect alcohol has had on the lives […]

HOWTO: Unpack Like Andy

The rest of my stuff arrived today Step 1: Unpack the Stereo. Step 2: Crank the Sublime via AirTunes. Step 3: Enjoy. The rest of the photos

Adventure: Pebble Creek Hot Springs

For a much needed break, this weekend (Saturday morning through Sunday afternoon) I went camping. Actually, it was more like watching every single item I had with me get really wet for a long time and freezing all through the night. But yeah, camping. I obviously wasn’t prepared for this journey to Pebble Creek Hot […]

Living Space

I was reading Stephanie‘s (and I would like to note it does not require the ‘www.’ that so many places archaically cling to, kudos) post on “Keeping the Flat Clean: Living Space as User Interface” and it got me to thinking about my own habits and theories on living space. A beautiful environment is good […]

A Trip to the Beach

Life has the tendency to stack itself up so that every once in a while you find yourself staring at a rather twisty equation. It all seems to make sense, of course, but you have to wonder whether you forgot a step along the way. I have learned over the years that I am a […]


I have always wanted to be a vegetarian. Vegetarians have a certain mystique, or, at least, I have always felt that they did. Unfortunately for my vegetarian aspirations, I am quite accustomed to meat and to stop eating it would throw a monkey wrench in most of my family gatherings. That said, lately I have […]