Injury Recap

Quick injury story for those interested and asking: i got my tire caught in the muni tracks. i was going rather fast downhill (sanchez to 17th) and made a left turn too widely. i’ve made the turn a hundred times but i was drunk so over-confident that my angles would work out… they didn’t. spent […]

On Hold

Like many people, I dislike chores. My general approach to most things in life is to batch process things, I pile stuff up so that I can do it all once infrequently rather than doing it a little at a time. Usually this works pretty well, but every so often laziness overcomes responsibility, the system […]


During the past few weeks I have been consuming horrible amounts of coffee and booze, last week especially during my trip up to Vancouver to give a nice hurrah to my apartment, and it is time to get all that stuff out of my system for a while. As it is, my body is quite […]

And On The Fifth Day, There Was Rational Thought

“Just fucking deal with it, Andy,” is what I should be telling myself. I haven’t made it this far in life because I was a whiney brat who couldn’t take care of himself, I’m a problem solver, theoretically even a professional problem solver, and I’m going to solve my problems. What advice would I give […]

Losing It, By The Numbers

It has been four days since I got back to San Jose, only four days, and already I’m about to implode. In these ninety-six hours, I have accessed the internet twice outside of a coffee shop, once at Chris Whipple’s place (an apartment prospect) and once at an old office I once worked at in […]

The Great Etech Outbreak of 2005

Sometime during the extreme lack of sleep leading up to my departure from Canada, I developed a nasty little cough. No runny nose, none of that sort of thing, just this dry cough that won’t go away. Well, I’ve apparently given it to everybody at Etech. The morning sessions have been marked by a continuous […]

Support Darren’s 30-Hour Famine

From Darren Barefoot: I’m doing the 30-Hour Famine. The 30-Hour Famine is a program run by World Vision Canada, an NGO that fights hunger in the developing world. For 30 hours on April 1st and 2nd, I won’t eat, as a kind of symbolic gesture of support for the 800 million malnourished and starving people […]

Urban Coffee Shop, An Observation

It is 10pm, and I am sitting now in front of a man who reminds me perfectly of a cartoon I saw online that stars a very gothic grumpy man and a little floating pink balloon Update Found the link! . For the past hours he has been sitting alone in the darkest corner […]

Tsunami Relief Lunch

Throughout Vancouver there are a variety of restaurants participating in “Restaurants for Relief” on Thursday, January 6th, during which 25% of their sales will go towards tsunami relief. Of the selection of restaurants, only one is in the Gastown area: Wild Rice. The boys and girls of Bryght and Sxip are joining together for a […]

Bloggers Without Borders

Anybody who hasn’t yet gotten the buzz about Bloggers Without Borders better jump in and drink the Kool-Aid. When I first heard about it, I assumed it was either another generic charity or another generic blogger group, but I never took the time to actually go to the site and see what was happening. Then, […]