Levi’s, Meet Andy

Will Pate tells me that Levi’s wants to use bloggers as models for a new branding campaign, “A Style For Every Story.” Andy — that’s me — the continuously self-photographing blogger dude in the corner wants in. Normally this would be a perfect excuse to buy a new pair of Levi’s, put them on and […]

Google Maps

If Google played concerts you better believe I’d be at them all; I’ll shamefully admit that I am a bit of a groupie. Even when they get on stage and say, “screw you apple people,” I am still unerringly drawn to them like a moth to a lava lamp. If Google told me to jump […]

Dark Nights Long Ago

Some nights ago, I watched Justin Hall’s video, and I was reminded of how thoroughly non-personal my blog has become. A long time ago my site had an open submissions section in which friends of mine would submit poetry. Through various backups and formats many of the entries have been lost, but I dug up […]

Spam Abeyance

My spam attempts have been on the rise since being linked over at The Unofficial Apple Weblog and Boris Mann’s Blog. Way on the rise. Directly after having my traffic triple from those two links, spam attempts began to hit 20,000 a day. Luckily, my little spam blocking addition to the comment form combined with […]

Technorati Tags, Explained… Again

Alright, a few people seem to be having trouble with the tag concept. Here’s the formula to add a tag to your page: <a href=’http://some.domain.com/some/path/{tag}’ rel=’tag’>whatever you want</a>. Replace {tag} with whatever tag you wish your post to be tagged with. Linking to Technorati is not mandatory, but it is useful because it gives people […]


What’s this Answers.com business over at Google? When you click on definition for a word it no longer takes you to dictionary.com but the title still says it does. Does Google have some kind of affiliation with them? Update: Got a screenshot, look at the address bar… Tags: [tag:google] [tag:eek]

Digital Identity: Unified Systems and Open Protocols

Yesterday was the day of the PHPWest Conference here in Vancouver. Since I helped a bit with the organization of the whole affair, and Sxip sponsored a dinner for the speakers and organizers, I got to spend some quality time talking tech with some extremely bright people. During the course of the conversations SXIP and […]

Uses for the Mac Mini

My mind is ablaze with uses for the new Mac Mini. After some calculations, I’ve decided I will need about 100 million. Beowulf cluster. Beowulf cluster. Beowulf cluster. Remember those things they used to put in the road, the rocks, cobblestones, replace them with mini Macs. Who wouldn’t want a road that shines with computing […]

The Next Microsoft

Just browsing through feeds on a lazy Sunday and I saw one titled “Microsoft the new IBM?” on Scoble’s blog. Now, normally I disregard most talking about Microsoft (unless they sell cool communist shirts), but reading that headline reminded of something I heard a while back, although I don’t recall who said it. “There won’t […]

SXSW 2005

Since I’ve been notified that my dear friend Jonas Luster will be taking part in a couple panels at this year’s South by Southwest Conference, I am attempting to solidify my plans regarding such a trip. Interactive is March 11-15, Film is 11-19, and Music is 16-20. I am pretty much locked in for attendance […]