Facebook For The Rest Of Us

Today I discovered a horrible, horrible thing. Consumating.com. Wow, yeah, wrong site to put into my hands. As close as I can tell, the premise is: dating site + tags + clever gimmicks to get participation out of you = Dating 2.0. Yes, I want to conquer it, this is pretty much what I always […]

BrainWash and Free Wifi

This morning when I walked in to BrainWash (where I decided to sit for a bit due to the reasons mentioned in the second half of this sentence) I noticed a bunch of signs proclaiming, “Free wireless now at BrainWash. I think neato, they finally did it, and entertain thoughts that my loud conversations about […]

Maximum Rude

Sitting in a Starbucks at midnight again when two cops walk in loudly describing every climactic scene and plot point of Episode III. Now, I luckily saw the movie at midnight when it opened but what of the other 6 people currently in here? Had I not seen the movie already I would have wanted […]

Codename Beta

Just set up a quick site for the event (and future events) at SuperHappyDevHouse.com. It will be made cool as necessary and as time permits. Tags: [tag:party], [tag:superhappydevhouse]

Star Wars Episode Three Walk-By

I had a meeting in the Financial District at 2pm and on my way home I usually walk by the Metreon. I was looking at my phone trying to find somebody nearby who might be interested in going to a movie with me, only to look up to see this: That’s right, Storm Troopers on […]


** UPDATE ** Date changed to May 28th It’s a party, it’s a hackfest, it’s SuperHappyDevHouse! The first SuperHappyDevHouse event is scheduled for May 28th. The premise? Bring together a bunch of developers and designers, sprinkle in food and drinks, stir and see how it all comes out. From Blogrium: You could think of SuperHappyDevHouse […]

An Open Letter to Dodgeball

As some of you may have known, I am a fan of Dodgeball, I’ve even written about it before. I’ve been impressed with it, but have felt that it has had a long way to go and haven’t seen much movement on it. So, without further ado, my letter to its founders. I’m a big […]

My Worst Fears Have Been Confirmed

Update /me throws a virgin into the volcano. I’d just gotten home from San Jose (for the record I had been working all day in either trains, cafes, or offices) and set my away message, when this pops up. Bossz0r: code writing itself? Mez0r (Autoreply): the code pretty much writes itself, I just supply the […]

Brain Wash and Wifi

There’s a little cafe right down the street from my new location in San Francisco. Well, it’s also a laundromat. And sort of a pub. It’s called Brain Wash. They have a website, you can watch live feeds of people doing laundry. Anyway, it’s a little bit of a hip hangout, and I guess at […]

Them There SMS.ac People.

Hey friends and such that are sending me SMS.ac invites, I don’t want ’em. My reasons are two. Firstly, these posts by danah and Joi. Secondly, cool people use Dodgeball. I realize that a bunch of you are in Vancouver, but we’ll figure that out. For now, I hate SMS.ac’s logo and don’t play nice […]