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Try as I have to make Starcraft 2 our office game of choice, chess has recently emerged as the leading contender. I played chess quite a lot as a kid, I felt pretty good at it as I won all the games I played against random family members and kids in school. As I got […]

Super Happy Reminder Plus Checkin

The party turns on tonight at 7pm and last until 7am. We have presenters this time, including Mr. Alex Russell who will be kicking Javascript ass and taking names. I think this whole thing has a bit of an Ajax theme, so bring your favorite browser 😉 Speaking of browsers, did you know I’m making […]

The Big Thank You Post

Wow, Bar Camp. So thoroughly successful and just finished up the numbers and we came out just about right. I certainly know why I never wanted to become an accountant. A quick breakdown of the expenses: Food was by far the most expensive (sorta) at around $1150, breakfasts were cheapest as there were less people […]

You Say The Damndest Things Right When You Wake Up

Tantek says I need press coaching, I think I need sleep. Got interviewed by Daniel Terdiman for CNET a couple days ago and managed to drop a couple answers that might need a little clarifying. In any case, Smith said he has no problem with Foo Camp’s exclusivity. This is true, I don’t think FOO […]


When asking Eric whether he’d be attending BAR Camp he mentioned he wouldn’t be making it but dropped a link to the project he and his buddies at Squid Labs just launched. Meet Instructables. It’s a website for building things, from neat projects to neat food, and sharing the information. The Squid Labs guys are […]

In Which BAR Camp Spirals Wildly Out Of Control

We’re getting tons of press here, the list of people talking about us is growing rapidly, and I have the feeling it is only a matter of time before my little servers get BoingBoing’d, Slashdotted or Ito’d into oblivion. Posting from BAR Camp HQ (aka SocialText) right now, and I have to say, the place […]

BAR Camp Location Chosen!

Ross Mayfield and SocialText have been kind enough to donate their brand-spanking-new office to BAR Camp for the weekend. Looks like we’ve got a location people, they even have a BARsball table 😉 SocialText HQ: 665 High St, Palo Alto, CA We hope to be able to provide food and drink free of charge to […]

BAR Camp

Updated 2005-08-16 A location has been chosen! Currently sitting at the super secret planning location with Chris, Ryan and Tantek trying to sort out the plans for BAR Camp. We’re running around the web grabbing names and location suggestions — we even posted on craigslist — so that this event can actually take off. If […]

Midnight Mornings

These are the voyages of Andy having just woken up at midnight after falling asleep at 4:30pm, his continuing mission to out-rant and re-do everybody else who wakes up in the middle of the night. Andy is hungry tonight, like every night. Andy has a fast metabolism. Yes, faster than yours. Andy is a six […]