Your Favorite Band

The Red Elvises are playing this Sunday in Vancouver. I will be in attendance, and I think all of Vancouver should be in attendance as well. Of course, this means space will sell out fast. Who are the Red Elvises? Well, they are… eclectic. Half-way humorous, half-way bad-ass, and they throw an excellent show. So […]

SXSW 2005

Since I’ve been notified that my dear friend Jonas Luster will be taking part in a couple panels at this year’s South by Southwest Conference, I am attempting to solidify my plans regarding such a trip. Interactive is March 11-15, Film is 11-19, and Music is 16-20. I am pretty much locked in for attendance […]

In A World Primarily Ruled By Darkness…

<shatner> Imagine a. World. A world in which. Death. Is not the end, in which. Men. Are afraid of those beasts, former men who have. Died. Died and returned to feast upon the brains, the hearts, the. Souls. Of the still living. And imagine that it was. All. A musical.</shatner> Those cool cats over at […]

87 Blogs and Web Design Indulgence

Today was a day off for me, the first real one in a quite a while, and over the past couple days my aggregator’s unread counts were going up without ever going down, that’s blog geek talk for “I wasn’t reading my usual blogs,” so today was a chance to catch up on a lot […]

Flickr Pro

Every so often, a project comes along that really adds a new flavor to the internet. Somebody has the bright idea to create something for public consumption and all of a sudden everybody is trying some. Projects like and Technorati (to plug some of my favorite tools) leap out in this category, and more […]


G’day scallywags, t’day th’r be pirates. Arr har har har, wh’r be m’ rum!?

Obligatory Gmail Post

Special thanks to James and Jeremy for making me the coolest kid on the block for a week or two. My Quick Review (the “neat stuff” is at the bottom): * I like that it lets me view the source of the message. I’m sure hotmail does this too, but screw hotmail. * It immediately […]