Google Code

Ooo. I heart open source software. I heart Google. I doubleheart Google Code. Do they ever stop announcing things? Tags: [tag:code], [tag:google], open source

Bad Motherfucker Redux

A friend, Craig brought up an interesting point in relation to my previous post, “Andy, Motherfucker”, that in reality one would rather be a “bad motherfucker” than simply a “motherfucker,” so it may be in my best interests to be known as “andy, bad motherfucker.” A search for that, at the moment, brings up a […]

Katamari Damacy or Why I Am Cooler Than You

He was the Japanese equivalent of an indie rock star, the kind of guy who made an album because he thought it would be fun to do only to find out everybody else loved the same things as he did. His game had just been bought by a major publisher, money was surely rolling in […]

Levi’s, Meet Andy

Will Pate tells me that Levi’s wants to use bloggers as models for a new branding campaign, “A Style For Every Story.” Andy — that’s me — the continuously self-photographing blogger dude in the corner wants in. Normally this would be a perfect excuse to buy a new pair of Levi’s, put them on and […]

Google Maps

If Google played concerts you better believe I’d be at them all; I’ll shamefully admit that I am a bit of a groupie. Even when they get on stage and say, “screw you apple people,” I am still unerringly drawn to them like a moth to a lava lamp. If Google told me to jump […]

Technorati Tags, Explained… Again

Alright, a few people seem to be having trouble with the tag concept. Here’s the formula to add a tag to your page: <a href=’{tag}’ rel=’tag’>whatever you want</a>. Replace {tag} with whatever tag you wish your post to be tagged with. Linking to Technorati is not mandatory, but it is useful because it gives people […]

Technorati Tags… And Some Code

I always knew my boys and girls over at Technorati wouldn’t let me down. If you haven’t already read the story, I’m afraid you aren’t reading enough cool blogs, Ross Mayfield writes about it eloquently. The biggest hurdles for me to overcome before all my pages become as tag-riddled as all my Flickr and […]

Uses for the Mac Mini

My mind is ablaze with uses for the new Mac Mini. After some calculations, I’ve decided I will need about 100 million. Beowulf cluster. Beowulf cluster. Beowulf cluster. Remember those things they used to put in the road, the rocks, cobblestones, replace them with mini Macs. Who wouldn’t want a road that shines with computing […]

It’s Snowing!

Aaah! This is amazing. I am so excited right now I just had to share my joy with everybody. I even sent text messages to everybody in my phone book who had a mobile phone. You see, and this is actually vaguely related to the 43 Things talk, one of my goals in life, having […]

Bloggers Without Borders

Anybody who hasn’t yet gotten the buzz about Bloggers Without Borders better jump in and drink the Kool-Aid. When I first heard about it, I assumed it was either another generic charity or another generic blogger group, but I never took the time to actually go to the site and see what was happening. Then, […]