You Finally Made A Monkey Out Of Me

I just got back from my first Burning Man. Oh. Em. Eff. Gee. So amazing. I am such a fucking hippie now. I hugged so many people, I cried so many times. I danced, and napped, and gave gifts, and accepted gifts and the whole time everyone was so welcoming. When you arrive, people at […]


When asking Eric whether he’d be attending BAR Camp he mentioned he wouldn’t be making it but dropped a link to the project he and his buddies at Squid Labs just launched. Meet Instructables. It’s a website for building things, from neat projects to neat food, and sharing the information. The Squid Labs guys are […]

Midnight Mornings

These are the voyages of Andy having just woken up at midnight after falling asleep at 4:30pm, his continuing mission to out-rant and re-do everybody else who wakes up in the middle of the night. Andy is hungry tonight, like every night. Andy has a fast metabolism. Yes, faster than yours. Andy is a six […]

Maximum Rude

Sitting in a Starbucks at midnight again when two cops walk in loudly describing every climactic scene and plot point of Episode III. Now, I luckily saw the movie at midnight when it opened but what of the other 6 people currently in here? Had I not seen the movie already I would have wanted […]

Star Wars Episode Three Walk-By

I had a meeting in the Financial District at 2pm and on my way home I usually walk by the Metreon. I was looking at my phone trying to find somebody nearby who might be interested in going to a movie with me, only to look up to see this: That’s right, Storm Troopers on […]

Dodgeball Bought By Google

In my mailbox a couple minutes ago: Big news, dodgeball fans! On May 11th, was acquired by Google! … Q: What does the acquisition mean to dodgeball? What’s going to change? A: Now that we’re part of Google, we’ll have more resources available to us. That means Alex and I can get back to […]

They Just Couldn’t Get Enough

The news breaks that I am moving back down to California from Vancouver, and what happens? Flickr announces that they have been bought by Yahoo and they move down to California from Vancouver. Coincidence? I think not. There may only be about 280 photos currently tagged with ‘termie‘ in the system, but I think it […]

My Favorite Band Is Cooler Than Yours

** Updated 2005-04-27 ** This so thoroughly proves my point: Music Blog Started catching up on my NetNewsWire subscriptions today (only 5300 posts to go!) and came across something in Signal vs Noise that Chris had mentioned to me a couple nights ago, now that I have the full quote I feel ready to make […]

An Open Letter to Dodgeball

As some of you may have known, I am a fan of Dodgeball, I’ve even written about it before. I’ve been impressed with it, but have felt that it has had a long way to go and haven’t seen much movement on it. So, without further ado, my letter to its founders. I’m a big […]

The Hip / Tech Crew

Alright guys, I’m still pretty down and out as far as lack of internet goes, but it will be getting better quickly so I think I ought to begin the search for the cool people in this area who are going to get me invited to the cool parties, show me the coolest projects and […]