Breakfast Specials

Don’t you hate it when you’re looking at the breakfast specials, thinking you made it in time for the 11am cut-off and check your clock only to find out that it is 12:45? Those two hours are never coming back. Since you’re still here, check out this sweet pic of me andyfacing Dave Winer at […]

Coffee and Donuts

There are times in a programmer’s life where few things seem to matter more than finding some cheap food and coffee at 4am — tonight was one of those times. A magical coalescence of bills, rent and my own natural inability to save money had led to me having about $3.50 available to me. Another […]

Gung Haggis Fat Choy

Now that was a party. The concept? Celebrate Robert Burns Day and the Chinese New Year at the same time. How? Haggis. Sweet, merciful bags o’ haggis. The official site for the event but I think the pictures tell the story best. My personal set on Flickr. I am very much wearing a kilt next […]

Scratches in Non-stick Coating

When I came to Vancouver, I decided to leave one item from the kitchen behind, a frying pan. It wasn’t simply that I dislike frying pans, or even out of generosity towards Jeff that I bequeathed it upon him, rather, the real reason for leaving it, was that I had walked in one morning to […]

Le Bistro

I finally have my own grille-pain, er, that is, toaster. Everything you buy here in Canada has all these french words written all over the place, and the french version always tells you what the thing really does. In this case a toaster is a “bread griller.” Designed by “l’architecte de renommée mondiale, Michael Graves,” […]


In Seattle, it is quite trendy to be vegetarian, as much if not more so than in Santa Cruz, and most of the hip eateries attack with vegan pride. Some good places to eat (pardon me if I don’t remember the streets they are on): * Mae’s Cafe: Cowlicious. Cinnamon rolls, huge pancakes, everything you […]