An Open Letter to Dodgeball

As some of you may have known, I am a fan of Dodgeball, I’ve even written about it before. I’ve been impressed with it, but have felt that it has had a long way to go and haven’t seen much movement on it. So, without further ado, my letter to its founders. I’m a big […]

Adobe Bought Macromedia?

Yowza, 3.4 bills is quite a lot of money. Wasn’t it just a year or two ago that Macromedia got sued by Adobe for copying their UI design? Things I would like to see come out of this: * Macromedia products use the Adobe-style interface * Macromedia products get more Mac-friendly (what’s with Flash running […]

Why Aren’t There Any Good Phones?

As noted in my last entry, my phone has taken a bit of a stumble. Boris was kind enough to let me use his P800 while I work on getting it back up to speed, and Dick lent me his P900, but all in all it has been slow rolling. It took about 20 minutes […]

Only 43 Things

Whoa. Whoa. Whoa. Hold up the soul train, Batman, I can only have 43 items on my list? Sure, it is an inspiration to do things, but it kills at least half of the usefulness for me. Now, this is the part where everybody gets to tell me, “but Andy, you were supposed to make […]

So Many Things To Do

A certain power blogger whispered something in my ear about 43 Things, and mentioned it online. He told me, “it’s like Flickr now,” and what kind of internet/web service/efficiency/information junkie, would I be without checking out something like that? The UI At first visit, one is presented with a display very reminiscent of the tags […]

iPod Photo: Doesn’t Take Pics or Make Coffee.

Who really cares? Color screens, cool. Personal slideshows, not cool. Video, on the other hand, as in “rip this dvd to your ipod and play it at your friend’s house”, cool. Why didn’t they do THAT? If the thing can’t take pictures, it’s through, there is only so much fun you can make out of […]

87 Blogs and Web Design Indulgence

Today was a day off for me, the first real one in a quite a while, and over the past couple days my aggregator’s unread counts were going up without ever going down, that’s blog geek talk for “I wasn’t reading my usual blogs,” so today was a chance to catch up on a lot […]

“The Job” on Techvibes Unplugged

Tonight I was the eager participant in a little webcast from the SkyBar lounge in Vancouver. I brought a camera on stage with me to capture the essence of my experience: Photo Slideshow Courtesy of Flickr. The event was “The Job,” sort of a “The Apprentice”-styled reality thing where two people go head to head […]


I’ve invented a new word, as far as Google is concerned, at least, but you always have to use it without any caps for the most beautiful experience. I’ve always liked how ‘i’s and ‘j’s looked next to each other, as in the word Beijing, for instance, so I tried to think of a word […]

Multiply and The Social Network Conundrum

I like social networking sites (definition of social networking aside), and I even consider myself a social networking success story, but there is still something very lacking about the currently implemented concepts. Multiply is the new one, I guess, although I haven’t been paying too much attention lately, and it has some nice features that […]