A Certain Kind of Feeling

It sneaks up you, that butterflies-meets-ninjas feeling, in your stomach, usually while you are talking to somebody interesting. Maybe it was because you were browsing your favorite tags in [del.icio.us(http://del.icio.us) early that day, or maybe the person you were talking to mentioned an odd relationship between two seemingly unrelated items. Whatever it is, it makes […]

Peace, Love, and Nudity

Do you like naked people? How about crazy costumes and huge parties? Welcome to the Fremont Faire. My arrival in Seattle coincided perfectly with the beginning of summer, and in Seattle the solstice is no small event. Live music, hundreds of food/craft/art/community booths, thousands of people, parades, and, above all, naked people on bicycles. How […]

My Take on Freeculture.org

Meeting Nelson Pavlosky is what brought me to the freeculture site / movement. He’s a good guy, I met him on IRC, during the JiBot refactor, when he wanted JiBot in the #freeculture channel. In describing freeculture.org, I feel it is important to point out the strong leadership that Nelson provides, because, without that leadership, […]

Wisdom with Age

Many people speak of wisdom as being related to age, that, as one gets older, one has had more time to assimilate the experiences of one’s life and that with the assimilation one gains what is referred to as wisdom. This argument came up on NPR this morning during a discussion concerning genetically enhanced longevity, […]

Philosophy for Philodoxers

Philosophy is something that I care very much about, and I feel that it should be the most fundamental aspect of any human endeavor. That said, I think I joined too many “philosophy” communities on Orkut. What could I have been thinking? …