On Podcasting and The Long Tail

(Podcasting | The Long Tail): Neat idea, clever name, I’m glad somebody talked about it, but don’t you just have to sit back and laugh as hundreds of grown men and women go bonzo over it? These are concepts that teenagers (or maybe 20something geeks on a budget) have taken for granted for a long […]

A Social Networking Success Story: Chapter 2, My Dream

[The title of this may lead you to look for a previous chapter, but you would not find one, as it hasn’t been written yet. Someday, perhaps, I will properly begin this story, once I am a better writer and can do the beginning justice.] I’ve never been able to draw well, or paint, when […]

Hackers and Sheep

“I’m fine with living with the geeks,” I found myself saying a couple nights ago on IRC during a discussion with Richard Eriksson spawned by his post about working with people unfamiliar with computers. “Let the others mill about,” I continued, “I have no respect for the person who won’t put forth the effort to […]

“The Job” on Techvibes Unplugged

Tonight I was the eager participant in a little webcast from the SkyBar lounge in Vancouver. I brought a camera on stage with me to capture the essence of my experience: Photo Slideshow Courtesy of Flickr. The event was “The Job,” sort of a “The Apprentice”-styled reality thing where two people go head to head […]

Flexing the Power

Last beta of ecto, I better get one more post in before I become last week’s news. What does everybody think of this hairstyle? I think it is rather neat, myself, but she was a little hesitant to leave the house. Can the youth of America (or Canada) compete with this new trend? Will hair […]

The New System

This probably steps on some political toes, but I like Arnold as the Governor of California. I really do, and, while my strongest reasons for liking him as a governor instead of just for radical effect are based purely on my own gut instinct, I think he is doing a good job. I’m sitting in […]

Legalize Ferrets

Most of you are probably thinking, “but ferrets are legal, what’s this freak talking about?” That is a good thing, it means most other places are smarter about the subject than California, where it is illegal to own a ferret. For any of you who have not yet heard my rants about wanting to have […]

Adventure: Pebble Creek Hot Springs

For a much needed break, this weekend (Saturday morning through Sunday afternoon) I went camping. Actually, it was more like watching every single item I had with me get really wet for a long time and freezing all through the night. But yeah, camping. I obviously wasn’t prepared for this journey to Pebble Creek Hot […]


“You know, you can’t just walk up to Destiny and be like, ‘Hey what are you doing tomorrow?’ Destiny is not like that, you don’t hang out with Destiny and shoot the shit.” — Destiny by Richard Tang

Pride Parade Video Clip

August 1st in Vancouver was Pride Day, which, as any self respecting city would agree with, meant there needed to be a parade. Lots of exciting folk, not quite as large as the SF event, but fun regardless. We just happened to be positioned behind four girls with the words, “SHOW US YOUR TITS” written […]