How To Get Banned From PyCon

PyCon was great for me this year. Before the conference, I had made a pact with myself to go to more talks, be less jaded, and to talk to more new programmers. All those were things I had trouble with last year and this year was so much more inspiring for me because I changed […]

We Are The Title

Starting a long post with a long quote, bad form Andy, bad form. It’s one of those “Andy’s been thinking again” posts anyway, so you’ve been warned. It’s a great quote though. In those day’s, Pilade’s was a free port, a galactic tavern where alien invaders from the Ophiulco could rub elbows peaceably with the […]

Brain Wash and Wifi

There’s a little cafe right down the street from my new location in San Francisco. Well, it’s also a laundromat. And sort of a pub. It’s called Brain Wash. They have a website, you can watch live feeds of people doing laundry. Anyway, it’s a little bit of a hip hangout, and I guess at […]

Losing It, By The Numbers

It has been four days since I got back to San Jose, only four days, and already I’m about to implode. In these ninety-six hours, I have accessed the internet twice outside of a coffee shop, once at Chris Whipple’s place (an apartment prospect) and once at an old office I once worked at in […]

Support Darren’s 30-Hour Famine

From Darren Barefoot: I’m doing the 30-Hour Famine. The 30-Hour Famine is a program run by World Vision Canada, an NGO that fights hunger in the developing world. For 30 hours on April 1st and 2nd, I won’t eat, as a kind of symbolic gesture of support for the 800 million malnourished and starving people […]

Happy International Women’s Day

You go girls. There’s really something to be said for women, they really operate in a completely foreign world. They endlessly torment us with their unbelievable appeal mixed with immense unattainability, yet in the end all decent men will crawl after every scrap of love their particular Venus lets fall to the ground and never […]

Gung Haggis Fat Choy

Now that was a party. The concept? Celebrate Robert Burns Day and the Chinese New Year at the same time. How? Haggis. Sweet, merciful bags o’ haggis. The official site for the event but I think the pictures tell the story best. My personal set on Flickr. I am very much wearing a kilt next […]

Tsunami Relief Lunch

Throughout Vancouver there are a variety of restaurants participating in “Restaurants for Relief” on Thursday, January 6th, during which 25% of their sales will go towards tsunami relief. Of the selection of restaurants, only one is in the Gastown area: Wild Rice. The boys and girls of Bryght and Sxip are joining together for a […]

The Granville Street Bridge

Twice, now, I have walked across the Granville Street Bridge here in Vancouver. The first out of necessity, this second out of desire. My first journey across the bridge was during the first month I was in Vancouver, after a concert that I went to with Ben. Due to some unfortunate mix-ups, misunderstandings and miscommunications, […]


Tonight, I purchased magnetic poetry to bring meaning to my life. The next hours, I’m sure, will be spent tearing little magnets one from another and retrieving the fallen from the floor as I ponder the deeper meanings of “Kafkaesque.” The inane drivel I shall conquer with the help of both the Genius and Artist […]