Flickr Pro

Every so often, a project comes along that really adds a new flavor to the internet. Somebody has the bright idea to create something for public consumption and all of a sudden everybody is trying some. Projects like and Technorati (to plug some of my favorite tools) leap out in this category, and more […]

Hackers and Sheep

“I’m fine with living with the geeks,” I found myself saying a couple nights ago on IRC during a discussion with Richard Eriksson spawned by his post about working with people unfamiliar with computers. “Let the others mill about,” I continued, “I have no respect for the person who won’t put forth the effort to […]


MIT put out some software a while back called Haystack, and they just released a new version. From an IA perspective I am very intrigued, I find these sorts of problems to be great fun to solve, they are the reasons I gained interest in Information Architecture in the first place. My fear, however, is […]

I Like Python, And I Have Backup

Paul Graham, the continual purveyor of excellent writings gave a nice speech at OSCON this year, and he received a lot of blowback based on a statement he made concerning hiring Python programmers vs hiring Java programmers, and it is a view I fully agree with. Well, he just elaborated on the concept more in […]

flickrUp-0.1.9 and Excuses to Play With Trac, Take 1

So, I didn’t really like the name of that thing, and I figure Roland has a pretty popular blog so people may have actually seen the thing. Plus, I liked the idea, and I like Flickr, so I ran with it a bit. The name has changed. flickrUpload was too much too type, flickrUp is […]

Scraping to the Rescue

Many thanks to deusx for providing the smarts behind the crackpot plan to create an RSS feed of Tantek’s blog because I didn’t like having to move away from NNW to read it. The magic XSL deusx’s xsl_scraper I’m going to try to set up my own copy later tonight and have a local copy […]


As per Roland’s request (challenge?!) I whipped up a quick little Python tool to upload to Flickr. General usage is something like ./flickrUpload -f phototoupload.jpg -p password :tag1 :tag2 :tag3 Loads some stuff from a configuration file, allowing you to set some defaults, handles all functionality provided by the Flickr Upload API File can be […]

Flexing the Power

Last beta of ecto, I better get one more post in before I become last week’s news. What does everybody think of this hairstyle? I think it is rather neat, myself, but she was a little hesitant to leave the house. Can the youth of America (or Canada) compete with this new trend? Will hair […]


In support of my buddy at work Ben’s neat wiki idea, y’all should go check out StikiWiki. It is a Javascript-based wiki with a WYSIWYG attitude. Groovy stuff even if it is only in experimental stages. But be warned, though, it is only for IE and Mozilla browsers, Safari doesn’t quite do the deed.

Working Is The New Cocaine

It’s not that I’m a work-a-holic, it is just that I like to get things done properly. The issue, of course, in this case, is that getting something as all-consuming as an SDK completed properly takes a lot of work. This code is going to be bulletproof, though, let me tell you. There is a […]