Patent Law

From [Groklaw]( ): “Although the invention has been described in language specific to structural features and/or methodological steps, it is to be understood that the invention defined in the appended claims is not necessarily limited to the specific features or steps described. As an example, other source languages may be included in the front end […]

Looking For A Cool Java App

After frequently falling into the trap of thinking (and saying) nothing neat comes out of Java, I decided to dig around looking for Java projects that were cool. Most of the stuff I see coming from Java has very boring implications, some are wonderfully powerful, certainly, yet I have not seen anything that makes me […]

Gone Phishing

Oh how I adore semi-clever titles that can only be made mildly humorous by mentioning them in the first line of the post they sit atop. Kim Cameron has released his Sixth Law of Identity, this one relating to the human component of an identity system, most specifically phishing attacks. Phishing is generally the practice […]

Digital Identity: Unified Systems and Open Protocols

Yesterday was the day of the PHPWest Conference here in Vancouver. Since I helped a bit with the organization of the whole affair, and Sxip sponsored a dinner for the speakers and organizers, I got to spend some quality time talking tech with some extremely bright people. During the course of the conversations SXIP and […]

Technorati Tags… And Some Code

I always knew my boys and girls over at Technorati wouldn’t let me down. If you haven’t already read the story, I’m afraid you aren’t reading enough cool blogs, Ross Mayfield writes about it eloquently. The biggest hurdles for me to overcome before all my pages become as tag-riddled as all my Flickr and […]

Credentials, Not Business Cards

Phil Windley, in an article titled Lightweight Identity, recently wrote a good piece about LID that outlines one of my favorite strengths of SXIP… in a neat negative space kind of way: “In the real world, I may be having a business meeting with you and you give me a business card. For purposes of […]

Only 43 Things

Whoa. Whoa. Whoa. Hold up the soul train, Batman, I can only have 43 items on my list? Sure, it is an inspiration to do things, but it kills at least half of the usefulness for me. Now, this is the part where everybody gets to tell me, “but Andy, you were supposed to make […]

(Un)Social Anxiety

Moving to Vancouver has been quite an adventure, not only have I been thrust a thousand miles away from almost everybody I’ve known, but my occupational responsibility has increased substantially and with it my ability to engage in social activities without worrying much about the monetary consequences. And engage I have, so much so that […]

On Bugzilla, Mailman, and Drupal

I am inching closer and closer to the status of “Power Blogger;” I set up another blog tonight. Honestly, it was more by accident than anything else, you see, I was working on a module for Drupal to add SXIP support. James had already laid down a great foundation of code, so I went to […]

A Social Networking Success Story: Chapter 2, My Dream

[The title of this may lead you to look for a previous chapter, but you would not find one, as it hasn’t been written yet. Someday, perhaps, I will properly begin this story, once I am a better writer and can do the beginning justice.] I’ve never been able to draw well, or paint, when […]