An Open Letter to Dodgeball

As some of you may have known, I am a fan of Dodgeball, I’ve even written about it before. I’ve been impressed with it, but have felt that it has had a long way to go and haven’t seen much movement on it. So, without further ado, my letter to its founders. I’m a big […]

My Worst Fears Have Been Confirmed

Update /me throws a virgin into the volcano. I’d just gotten home from San Jose (for the record I had been working all day in either trains, cafes, or offices) and set my away message, when this pops up. Bossz0r: code writing itself? Mez0r (Autoreply): the code pretty much writes itself, I just supply the […]

Losing It, By The Numbers

It has been four days since I got back to San Jose, only four days, and already I’m about to implode. In these ninety-six hours, I have accessed the internet twice outside of a coffee shop, once at Chris Whipple’s place (an apartment prospect) and once at an old office I once worked at in […]

Google Code

Ooo. I heart open source software. I heart Google. I doubleheart Google Code. Do they ever stop announcing things? Tags: [tag:code], [tag:google], open source

On Will’s Idea To Stop Phishing

One of Will‘s recent posts, How To End Phishing With RSS, brings up an interesting idea to deal with phishing (if you don’t know what it is, read the post, it has a perfect explanation of it). When you sign up for an online service, you’re given a private, randomly generated RSS feed. The URL […]

Downhill Battle and Participatory Politics are Hiring

It feels somewhat futile to repeat Boing Boing on this as their readership dwarfs mine, but it was too cool of a thing to not talk about. Downhill Battle and Participatory Politics are jointly hiring a developer. Requirements: Real world experience coding original PHP/MySQL. This means professional work or major open source experience. You must […]

Why Aren’t There Any Good Phones?

As noted in my last entry, my phone has taken a bit of a stumble. Boris was kind enough to let me use his P800 while I work on getting it back up to speed, and Dick lent me his P900, but all in all it has been slow rolling. It took about 20 minutes […]

Google Maps

If Google played concerts you better believe I’d be at them all; I’ll shamefully admit that I am a bit of a groupie. Even when they get on stage and say, “screw you apple people,” I am still unerringly drawn to them like a moth to a lava lamp. If Google told me to jump […]

Spam Abeyance

My spam attempts have been on the rise since being linked over at The Unofficial Apple Weblog and Boris Mann’s Blog. Way on the rise. Directly after having my traffic triple from those two links, spam attempts began to hit 20,000 a day. Luckily, my little spam blocking addition to the comment form combined with […]