Super Happy Reminder Plus Checkin

The party turns on tonight at 7pm and last until 7am. We have presenters this time, including Mr. Alex Russell who will be kicking Javascript ass and taking names. I think this whole thing has a bit of an Ajax theme, so bring your favorite browser 😉 Speaking of browsers, did you know I’m making […]

Don’t Ask Me About My Business Model

Every time I talk to new people about any company I am working for, usually at a conference but living in the bay area it happens often enough on the street, too, the conversation unfailingly reaches the point where the person asks, “So, what’s your business model?” Motherfucking damnit. Yes, it is a company, it […]

Why I Switched From MovableType to WordPress

A little while back Anil Dash commented on my “Switched to WordPress” entry, and I’ve been meaning to reply. Just curious, was there a reason you hadn’t considered MT3, since that doesn’t require rebuilds either, and you wouldn’t have to change templates? I’m always looking to see how we can improve our products and make […]

Super Sekret Project

[Updated at 12:30pm, June 21] My blog is back to the original comment system for the time-being, possibly changing again once the service goes live, thank you all for your helpful comments. Pssssst. Don’t tell anybody, but I’m testing out a little bit of a new commenting service on my blog (and on devdev as […]

Bluetooth Bug in 10.4.1

The new update had a bug with receiving files via Bluetooth, wrote a post explaining the problem and how to get around it over on devdev2040: Fixing the Bluetooth File Exchange Bug in 10.4.1.

Codename Beta

Just set up a quick site for the event (and future events) at It will be made cool as necessary and as time permits. Tags: [tag:party], [tag:superhappydevhouse]

A Lesser Evil

Every time I spend some chunk of hours debugging something in perl that wouldn’t have even needed to be done in python, every time perl thinks, “hmm, something is failing when I try to define it, oh well, I’ll just keep moving along, doo-dee-doo-doo, hey wait, I can’t find something, stop the presses, send the […]


** UPDATE ** Date changed to May 28th It’s a party, it’s a hackfest, it’s SuperHappyDevHouse! The first SuperHappyDevHouse event is scheduled for May 28th. The premise? Bring together a bunch of developers and designers, sprinkle in food and drinks, stir and see how it all comes out. From Blogrium: You could think of SuperHappyDevHouse […]

Coffee and Donuts

There are times in a programmer’s life where few things seem to matter more than finding some cheap food and coffee at 4am — tonight was one of those times. A magical coalescence of bills, rent and my own natural inability to save money had led to me having about $3.50 available to me. Another […]

PyRack and the Future of Spotlight

Read the excerpts Kottke gathered in The future of Spotlight and OS X and it is really pretty much exactly what the end goal of a UI implementation of PyRack, an idea I kicked around for a long time, would be. It’s a truly beautiful concept, brings me right into a weird Foucault’s Pendulum (maybe […]