Katamari Damacy or Why I Am Cooler Than You

He was the Japanese equivalent of an indie rock star, the kind of guy who made an album because he thought it would be fun to do only to find out everybody else loved the same things as he did. His game had just been bought by a major publisher, money was surely rolling in […]

My Ideal Fight

Whenever I am walking home form work, I am usually crossing a street after the walk light has changed to green and a car coming from the other direction (towards me in the lane nearest me) decides it wants to make a right turn before I get across the intersection. Frequently, it tries to beat […]

Let’s Go Surfin’ Now, Everybody’s Learning How

Come on and safari with me… My coworker Jennifer and I had to fight to the death over who got to use that title on their blog post after reading about the discovery of a giant frozen sea on Mars. Actually, she’s the one who started singing… so I guess I owe her all the […]

Downhill Battle and Participatory Politics are Hiring

It feels somewhat futile to repeat Boing Boing on this as their readership dwarfs mine, but it was too cool of a thing to not talk about. Downhill Battle and Participatory Politics are jointly hiring a developer. Requirements: Real world experience coding original PHP/MySQL. This means professional work or major open source experience. You must […]

Why Aren’t There Any Good Phones?

As noted in my last entry, my phone has taken a bit of a stumble. Boris was kind enough to let me use his P800 while I work on getting it back up to speed, and Dick lent me his P900, but all in all it has been slow rolling. It took about 20 minutes […]

Does Anybody Have A Spare T610?

I have a Nokia 6600, it is the coolest phone I’ve ever owned, but it will no longer sync with my Mac via iSync. Recently, whenever syncing contacts, it brings up a spurious “Low on memory” error. I have done everything I can think of to make this damn sync work, including formatting the phone […]

Levi’s, Meet Andy

Will Pate tells me that Levi’s wants to use bloggers as models for a new branding campaign, “A Style For Every Story.” Andy — that’s me — the continuously self-photographing blogger dude in the corner wants in. Normally this would be a perfect excuse to buy a new pair of Levi’s, put them on and […]

Fuck Disclaimers

A few days ago, I was brought back to the first time I read Mark Pilgrim’s Corporate Blogging, a beautiful piece detailing the perils of corporate blogging. A few days ago I was asked to put a disclaimer on my blog. I’ve built my life, or at least my soul, on credibility. Frequently finding myself […]

Dealing With The Bruises

Far too much with the complications, I say, back with ye foul beast. Balancing plans, cash, work, people, future and introspection is being quite a tricky task. I’m thinking of going to Belgium with Boris and the Bryght crew, I’d leave the 22nd of February and return the 1st of March. Plane tickets cost around […]

Dark Nights Long Ago

Some nights ago, I watched Justin Hall’s video, and I was reminded of how thoroughly non-personal my blog has become. A long time ago my site had an open submissions section in which friends of mine would submit poetry. Through various backups and formats many of the entries have been lost, but I dug up […]