Adobe Bought Macromedia?

Yowza, 3.4 bills is quite a lot of money. Wasn’t it just a year or two ago that Macromedia got sued by Adobe for copying their UI design? Things I would like to see come out of this: * Macromedia products use the Adobe-style interface * Macromedia products get more Mac-friendly (what’s with Flash running […]

The Sounds of My Youth

It’s a warm spring day here San Francisco, the sun is shining, the sky is clear of clouds, and the sound of Harley-Davidson motorcycles own the soundscape. From my spot (and free wifi!) at a coffee shop called “Pick Me Up Cafe” on 9th and Folsom, I am harkened back to the motorcycle-filled days of […]

Starbucks Philosophers

Living in Starbucks lately has made me privy to far more poor, subjective arguments about topics ranging from Bush, to gay rights, to women’s rights, to Marx, to child care. There appears to be an endless stream of people reading the newspaper starting casual conversations with strangers who have been waiting what seems like years […]

Being Andy on April 10th

In the last week, you have spent between 8 and 12 hours a day at one coffee shop or another, and today will likely be no different. You are pretty sure that Starbucks has a stranglehold on your soul that will not be easily broken and you have had a “grande single pump white mocha” […]

And On The Fifth Day, There Was Rational Thought

“Just fucking deal with it, Andy,” is what I should be telling myself. I haven’t made it this far in life because I was a whiney brat who couldn’t take care of himself, I’m a problem solver, theoretically even a professional problem solver, and I’m going to solve my problems. What advice would I give […]

The Hip / Tech Crew

Alright guys, I’m still pretty down and out as far as lack of internet goes, but it will be getting better quickly so I think I ought to begin the search for the cool people in this area who are going to get me invited to the cool parties, show me the coolest projects and […]


“Possible finger in fast food.” “Barry Bonds steroid scandal.” “Barry Bonds walking away.” “Terry Schiavo.” I haven’t watched television and quite a while, but my father is watching the channel 11 news right now, NBC I think. How low have we sunken? They have a shot of Barry Bonds sitting solemnly saying, “You wanted to […]

Barnes and Noble vs Borders

Barnes and Noble has always been my preference when it comes to big book stores, their organization scheme was the first that I knew and has always seemed “right” to me. But a dark, dark shadow has loomed over Barnes and Noble’s welcoming organizational strategy, the dark shadow that is a lack of plugs. They […]

Losing It, By The Numbers

It has been four days since I got back to San Jose, only four days, and already I’m about to implode. In these ninety-six hours, I have accessed the internet twice outside of a coffee shop, once at Chris Whipple’s place (an apartment prospect) and once at an old office I once worked at in […]

Leaving Vancouver

On the last couple days of June in 2004, I was hired by Sxip and moved to Vancouver, BC. The resulting times were a whirlwind of work, networking and parties, quickly leading me to find many good friends and wonderful places. A complete change of lifestyle and responsibility, but a welcome one. On March 11th, […]