They Just Couldn’t Get Enough

The news breaks that I am moving back down to California from Vancouver, and what happens? Flickr announces that they have been bought by Yahoo and they move down to California from Vancouver. Coincidence? I think not. There may only be about 280 photos currently tagged with ‘termie‘ in the system, but I think it […]

Andy Insano

My net access keeps going through phases where I get 65-85% packet loss, it’ll do it for a big chunk of time. Being almost connected to the internet is driving me up the wall. I can browse to pages after a few reloads, during the little spurts of packets that get through, then it will […]

Vancouver and San Francisco

How crazy would somebody be to try to live in both, at the same time? I found out on Tuesday that the paperwork concerning my work permit in Canada had finally gone through, meaning that I have only to present the proper application along with the new approval at the border in order to be […]

A Boxing Analogy Gone Too Far

I woke up this morning to a criticism by Kottke and a fortress of a response over in Mena’s Corner that conjure up a boxing analogy similar to when Rocky, half beaten to death, takes out The Russian Boxer for the climactic finish of Rocky IV. Except that in this story, instead of pummeling the […]


** UPDATE ** Date changed to May 28th It’s a party, it’s a hackfest, it’s SuperHappyDevHouse! The first SuperHappyDevHouse event is scheduled for May 28th. The premise? Bring together a bunch of developers and designers, sprinkle in food and drinks, stir and see how it all comes out. From Blogrium: You could think of SuperHappyDevHouse […]

Coffee and Donuts

There are times in a programmer’s life where few things seem to matter more than finding some cheap food and coffee at 4am — tonight was one of those times. A magical coalescence of bills, rent and my own natural inability to save money had led to me having about $3.50 available to me. Another […]

PyRack and the Future of Spotlight

Read the excerpts Kottke gathered in The future of Spotlight and OS X and it is really pretty much exactly what the end goal of a UI implementation of PyRack, an idea I kicked around for a long time, would be. It’s a truly beautiful concept, brings me right into a weird Foucault’s Pendulum (maybe […]

My Favorite Band Is Cooler Than Yours

** Updated 2005-04-27 ** This so thoroughly proves my point: Music Blog Started catching up on my NetNewsWire subscriptions today (only 5300 posts to go!) and came across something in Signal vs Noise that Chris had mentioned to me a couple nights ago, now that I have the full quote I feel ready to make […]

An Open Letter to Dodgeball

As some of you may have known, I am a fan of Dodgeball, I’ve even written about it before. I’ve been impressed with it, but have felt that it has had a long way to go and haven’t seen much movement on it. So, without further ado, my letter to its founders. I’m a big […]

Brain Wash and Wifi

There’s a little cafe right down the street from my new location in San Francisco. Well, it’s also a laundromat. And sort of a pub. It’s called Brain Wash. They have a website, you can watch live feeds of people doing laundry. Anyway, it’s a little bit of a hip hangout, and I guess at […]