Facebook For The Rest Of Us

Today I discovered a horrible, horrible thing. Consumating.com. Wow, yeah, wrong site to put into my hands. As close as I can tell, the premise is: dating site + tags + clever gimmicks to get participation out of you = Dating 2.0. Yes, I want to conquer it, this is pretty much what I always […]

Blog Faux Pas

Somewhere along the lines of installing that other comment system, I accidentally created an invalid user in the user’s database for WordPress and was making you all post anonymously. I, obviously, did not notice as I am always logged in. Anyway, the problem is fixed, comment at will. Oh, and:


During the past few weeks I have been consuming horrible amounts of coffee and booze, last week especially during my trip up to Vancouver to give a nice hurrah to my apartment, and it is time to get all that stuff out of my system for a while. As it is, my body is quite […]


Today I start the next step in my journey towards keeping my time booked well beyond 200% of capacity, I have decided to stay in San Francisco full-time and join the brilliant team at RoundTwo. Believe me, it is taking all the willpower in my body to resist making horrible boxing puns. I love puns. […]

Shaggy & Scruffy: The Story of My Head

If you’ve seen me recently you may noticed something different about my appearance, my hair has been released from the boundaries normally defined by fashion and dignity. Upon seeing this, some of you may have come to the conclusion that i have finally lost my mind, that i have given up completely on all hopes […]

Switched to WordPress

Between frustratingly long rebuild times and pleasant conversations over drinks with Matt, I decided to switch my MovableType blog over to WordPress. There are a couple other reasons for the switch, a couple projects that I am working on that lend themselves much more nicely to themed platforms like WordPress and Drupal, and the general […]


Is there a meme I’m missing somewhere? Over the past a couple days I’ve been seeing feline everywhere I look. First it was Jeremy and his doom cat, followed shortly by the Miss Shh’s seemingly endless supply of cuddly bits (I think she does some sort of pet adoption work). I thought that would be […]

BrainWash and Free Wifi

This morning when I walked in to BrainWash (where I decided to sit for a bit due to the reasons mentioned in the second half of this sentence) I noticed a bunch of signs proclaiming, “Free wireless now at BrainWash. I think neato, they finally did it, and entertain thoughts that my loud conversations about […]

Maximum Rude

Sitting in a Starbucks at midnight again when two cops walk in loudly describing every climactic scene and plot point of Episode III. Now, I luckily saw the movie at midnight when it opened but what of the other 6 people currently in here? Had I not seen the movie already I would have wanted […]

Dodgeball Bought By Google

In my mailbox a couple minutes ago: Big news, dodgeball fans! On May 11th, dodgeball.com was acquired by Google! … Q: What does the acquisition mean to dodgeball? What’s going to change? A: Now that we’re part of Google, we’ll have more resources available to us. That means Alex and I can get back to […]