Build Applications Without Software or Andy’s Take On Enterprise

Finally, a topic that is supposed to put people like me out of business 😉

The focus is on taking the web as a platform, a very Web 2.0 thing to say. Speaking of which, I feel horribly stupid every time I have to say something like “Web 2.0,” it is such a buzzword. Moore’s Law stuff, why am I in an enterprise talk?

I have found more and more often that I have an aversion to “enterprise software.” It seems as if it always brings about coding styles or targets that are meant to analyze a problem and optimize it into the ground rather than approach the goal in a way that doesn’t present the problem.

A naive goal, surely, or maybe just irrational, but who says I’m not allowed to be a romantic coder? Regardless, this is completely unrelated to the session at hand.

I’m rather confused as to where the “without software” is, we’re being shown the SForce web services stuff, which really seems to be, ya know, programmed. He’s shown us mostly using forms to modify UI with some minimal logic, but he’s handled himself well in the face of the disaffected audience members who are attempting to grill him. I just think it was a poor title for the session.

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One thought on “Build Applications Without Software or Andy’s Take On Enterprise

  1. I like saleforce. We’re taking a lot of non-obvious things from it for Unity. 😛

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