Bruce Campbell of Army of Darkness and Bubba-Hotep fame was at the Del Mar Theater in Santa Cruz last night, and I stopped by to say “Hi,” and hear him speak. Below is a bit of a trademark Andy photo with the man, nay, the legend that is Bruce.


He was an entertaining speaker and had a nice ratio of serious commentary to comedic response. He confirmed that “Ash vs Freddy vs Jason” was being talked about, although he said it wasn’t very likely. Anyway, a nice night even if I was thoroughly tired.

Kill Bill, Vol. 2, did not let me down either.

3 thoughts on “Brucey

  1. You bastard! I love Bruce “Jesus Christ” Campbell! He’s one of my heroes! Oh well. Hope you had fun, and I will talk to you about Kill Bill vol. 2 after I see it.

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