BrainWash and Free Wifi

This morning when I walked in to BrainWash (where I decided to sit for a bit due to the reasons mentioned in the second half of this sentence) I noticed a bunch of signs proclaiming, “Free wireless now at BrainWash. I think neato, they finally did it, and entertain thoughts that my loud conversations about free wireless make a difference.

Whipping out the powerbook, I am promptly connected to “zrnetservice” and heading to Google drops me off at a page saying, “NOTE: ZRNet will begin charging for wireless in November.” That is a decent chunk of time for free net access, but I don’t really think charging for the net is something coffee shops should be doing, especially not those that are across the street from my house. In other words, I want them to ditch ZRNet.

Does anybody know what ZRNet’s service contracts are like? Would Brain Wash be making money off of using them? I would assume that since they are offering free service for the next chunk of months there would be no way for Brain Wash to make money from ZRNet during that time.

How many geeks in the area would want Brain Wash to offer free wifi all the time? How many people would have to start coming here to convince them that it is worth their buck? I really want to get a PlaceSite going on in here, and I want this place to be a community hub (selfishly because it would put me very near the hub and allow me to get to more of the community).

Anyway, I’m sending off an email to their contact email address with links to this and my previous post about it, unfortunately the “ownership” link in their flash animation doesn’t take me anywhere. If anybody wants to toss in their support in this endeavor, just ping me and I’ll consider your numbers in my figuring.

2 thoughts on “BrainWash and Free Wifi

  1. I’m not…I need a secure network to work on when I’m wifing…hackers are out there these days….becareful….I wasn’t….

    Dan Peterson

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