Borders Cafe

Chalk up another vote for getting work done in a cafe. As stereotypical as it may be for a programmer to be sitting in a coffee shop with a laptop feverishly typing away, it certainly works. And I, for one, think it is great.

On monday nights, I go to a “computer science” class which consists, effectively, of me getting there before class, plugging in my laptop, and working on my own projects until the teacher decides to leave.

Well, this monday, I decided that since I was getting such good work done at school, I shouldn’t go home and spoil the magic. Luckily, there happens to be a Borders that is open until 11pm on the way home from class. A few dollars for some kind of Snapple drink and couple hours later, I had knocked out a solid chunk of my current project. Quite a deal, indeed.

I am in Jonas’s shadow on this one, though, as he has already taken this cafe office thing to a whole new level.

One thought on “Borders Cafe

  1. I wish I had a Borders round here that was open til 11pm. In fact, any sort of cafe would be nice. I suppose I could always go sit in a field and type feverishly away but waitress service isn’t so good.

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