Beards of Python

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It started off as a random joke for what I should spend my time at PyCon doing.

6:21:54 PM cbrumelle: you should do a photo essay entitled “the many beards of python”

Quite a few people really got into the idea and stopped by my makeshift photo setup.

Beards of Python.

If anybody has nicer ideas for how the pictures should be displayed let me know 🙂

10 thoughts on “Beards of Python

  1. can we print them all out and make a wall mural at houseku? i’m thinking above the big couch in the front room.

  2. Damn, now I’m really ticked that I didn’t attend PyCon. 🙁

    I could’ve gone down in the annals of beard history.

  3. Hey this is great idea, thank you. I hate how modern societies overlook the beard and the man with the beards!!!!

  4. Andy – many ideas in one person 🙂 This time I am subscribing to your blog !

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