Barnes and Noble vs Borders

Barnes and Noble has always been my preference when it comes to big book stores, their organization scheme was the first that I knew and has always seemed “right” to me.

But a dark, dark shadow has loomed over Barnes and Noble’s welcoming organizational strategy, the dark shadow that is a lack of plugs. They offer wifi, albeit SBC wifi rather than the near-ubiquitous T-Mobile, but there are no public-facing plugs in the building. Well, there is one, they must have missed it on their anti-customer-satisfaction sweep.

The *ONE* plug at Barnes and Noble Almaden

Borders on the other hand, has plugs a’plenty. Too bad there isn’t one within walking distance of the little internet-free apartment I am staying at…

2 thoughts on “Barnes and Noble vs Borders

  1. I had that problem when I was trying to find a place for my internet fix! B & N makes you pay for the net AND they cover up all their plugs! Where is that one lonely plug you found? And, thanks for the tip on Borders. I’m assuming they have wifi, too?

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