BAR Camp

Updated 2005-08-16 A location has been chosen!

Currently sitting at the super secret planning location with Chris, Ryan and Tantek trying to sort out the plans for BAR Camp.

We’re running around the web grabbing names and location suggestions — we even posted on craigslist — so that this event can actually take off. If you’ve got ideas, by all means send them in.

The concept:

FOO Camp happens every year, it is an invite-only event for tech luminaries hosted in Sebastopol, CA at the O’Reilly headquarters. People camp out, have sessions, and work with other great tech minds to come up with awesome ideas. The problem is the exclusivity: everybody isn’t invited.

Meet BAR Camp, an open, welcoming, once-a-year event for geeks to camp out for a couple days with wifi and smash their brains together. It’s about love and geekery and having a focal point for great ideas, like SHDH more in-tents (GET IT?!), like FOO but open. and evdb

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19 thoughts on “BAR Camp

  1. FOO Camp is located in a single exclusive location on the West Coast. Will BAR Camp be located in many non-exclusive locations across the US? I’ll volunteer to host the DC-area BAR Camp.

  2. Dylan: At the moment the only ‘exclusivity’ centers around our lack of organizational reach. If you can get a similar event happening in the DC area, be our guests and be sure to let us know about it 🙂

  3. JULES: That did it, man — I’m fuckin’ goin’, that’s all there is to it. VINCENT: You’ll dig it the most.

  4. Just make it when I’m in town.

    How ’bout the parking lot at Pac-Bell (I mean SBC) Park.

    Or how ’bout some abandoned compound in Hunter’s Point?

  5. I would love to see this happening in the UK. It’s too late for me to start the ball rolling now (I’m of on vacation On thursday!) But next year I would love to help organise a UK version.

    In the meantime have a great fruitful weekend I’m sure it will be better because it’s open.

    regards Al

  6. I wish you weren’t putting it at the same time as Foo (although I reckon I get the point) — I’m sure there a lot of us attending Foo who would LOVE to go to Bar Camp! Now you’re making us choose, and since I have other O’Reilly business to do during that weekend, there’s no way I can skip Foo. By making it the SAME weekend, you really are making it the anti-foo. ; (

    Fun idea, though. I’m sorry I won’t be able to go.

  7. Kathy: Sorry! It really isn’t the intent to be an anti-Foo camp, we really wouldn’t exist without the other. With any luck we’ll have a couple joint sessions if anybody ponies up their time, we’ll have a #barcamp channel and all of our stuff will be as open as we can possibly make it. The FOOers have a great thing to be going to this weekend, good on them for it, and I’m sure there are a lot of BAR campers who’d love to go to it, but they aren’t able to and this is something for them.

  8. Jay:

    And yes, we’ll be documenting the whole thing — one thing we want more than anything is for BAR Camp to live beyond this one weekend. Think: BAR Camp in Box. That’s basically what we want coming out of this year’s event. ;D

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