BAR Camp Location Chosen!

Ross Mayfield and SocialText have been kind enough to donate their brand-spanking-new office to BAR Camp for the weekend. Looks like we’ve got a location people, they even have a BARsball table 😉

SocialText HQ: 665 High St, Palo Alto, CA

We hope to be able to provide food and drink free of charge to any campers — that is anybody who will be staying over night — and ask a nominal $20 donation, less if we can get some sponsorship or you all hate me for it, of anybody who isn’t.

Scheduled times are 7pm Friday the 19th until 2pm Sunday the 21st. Event listings to be updated shortly. Thanks Ross! and evdb

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5 thoughts on “BAR Camp Location Chosen!

  1. I think this will be a great and fun time but I’m not sure how to meet the must give a demo, session or help with one requirement. I’d be happy to demo my company’s just out of stealth app that uses a bit of AJAX in the interface and tagging, well, just as you expect it to be used but it isn’t open source (though use is free). I could show the tiny bit of AJAX plus Blogger API I tooled/purloined for a personal site redesign. Beyond that, not sure what and I’m thinking nneither of those meets the bar.

  2. I’m just making the rounds getting acquainted with what Bar Camp is. It sounds like what we in the music scene call a “jam session.”

    While some people think jams are informal, some of us in the music world take them extremely seriously. They’re great places for new talent to show their stuff, cut their teeth, and get discovered. They’re also places where proven talent which may be either out of work or looking to switch lines of music (or bands!) go. Those who’ve been around a while also feel obligated to go back to jams as a way of continuing to pay ones dues to a supporting the community.

    So if this is the technology world’s equivalent of the jam night musicians and audiences adore, more power to you! As happens with those who organize jams right, it takes a little bit of time and practice to set things up. Yet those who have been running jams for years have developed techniques that weed out the bozos politely while spreading the word about the high quality of their nights together.

    Good luck!

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