Escape from the Dutch summer!

That’s the title of KLM’s most recent spammy email to me, and the sentiment is a good one, this is the rainiest summer I’ve ever experienced. It’s not all bad, to be sure, there have been warm days and nights, a few of which where it didn’t rain at all. And the rain’s not terrible, […]

Three Ways to Make Your Developers Like You More

Some aggressions compounded from my experiences over the years with various managers, VPs, C*O’s and vision people. 1. Don’t send out anything in Powerpoint, Word or Excel formats. Your developers always end up having to manually convert whatever formatting you think you are doing for them into something that anything else in the world can […]

San Jose

In San Jose until the 3rd, any ideas where I can buy a bike? I suck at blogging now.

It Just Doesn’t Feel Right

The move to this box has been really crappy and as such a huge chunk of my online presence feels strangled, my svn and hg repos are no longer here, I don’t get emailed on comments, I don’t have my vpn, my other set of email addresses and I can’t do anything with my other […]


Okay, back from Stockholm and Helsinki, I leave in 12ish hours to fly to SF then drive down to Coachella, woo. I’ve got a couple extra three day passes for the show if anybody is wanting to go but didn’t manage to get one in time. Gah, time to… unpack and repack.


Long time no blog, eh? I’ve been pretty swamped between social life and Jaiku Anyway, I’ll be giving a short presentation at hej! 2007 (heheheh funny name) in Stockholm this weekend (20th-22nd) and setting up some Jaiku action there. So if you are totally awesome and Swedish break in to the conference (or register) and […]

Notifications Defunct

I haven’t been getting any notifications about comments on this blog, so I missed out on you cool people in SF who wanted to hang out 🙁

Termie In Town: London

Wtf, I just got back and I leave in two days for 4 more days. Anyway, I will be in London for the first time from the 4th until the 8th, will need to make plans for some of that weekend time.