Beards of Python

It started off as a random joke for what I should spend my time at PyCon doing. 6:21:54 PM cbrumelle: you should do a photo essay entitled “the many beards of python” Quite a few people really got into the idea and stopped by my makeshift photo setup. Beards of Python. If anybody has nicer […]


I’ll be giving a talk at EuroDjangoCon in lovely Prague in early May. It’ll be about migrating a standard LAMP web site to App Engine. Abstract: Welcome to your new life in the cloud. Based on the experience of porting the now open source Jaiku microblogging service from a traditional set up to Google’s App […]

I Dream of the Perfect Desk

And maybe the perfect back, too, mine hurts a bit right now. I sit at a computer for the majority of my life, nearly as often as a sleep, and I can’t help but think that maybe there is some combination of desk technology that could make that experience one that is efficient and comfortable, […]

Mark Hoekstra

A friend passed away suddenly last month. Mark, the world will forever be years behind without your creativity to guide it.

Announcing BeerhugCamp

We’re gathering on a porch at 24th and Bartlett with 40’s this Saturday after dark to discuss the future of microsocializing. If you are not yet familiar with the term, “microsocializing” refers to the habitual, and near ritualistic, activity of attending all free events related heavily to one’s own industry wherein the main goal is […]

Escalating Anti-Gentrification Sentiment in the Mission

The neighborhood I live in, the mission district, specifically the area between 18th and 24th streets, has lately been the target of various anti-gentrification statements, culminating for me today while a man shouted insults from his window at people walking out of Ritual Roasters Coffee (there is already anti-gentrification sidewalk stenciling outside the entrance). It […]

Termie’s Talent Agency, Take 2

Lately the amount of people asking me for friends who code to work on their projects has been increasing so I think it is time to revive Termie’s Talent Agency, and add a little twist. Here’s the breakdown: Developers, Designers If you think that you could at some point in the future be interested in […]

Stealth Mode

Received an email today asking me to evaluate the feasibility of an idea, this was my response to it: Subject: Re: Question Body: | In a nutshell, I would like to create something – like [XXX] – that is geared more towards the [XXX] community. | Is that enough information? Obviously not. | I don’t […]

Things I Won’t Do

Anybody who’s spent much time with me knows I’m neither the kind of guy to take no for an answer nor the kind to say something isn’t possible, rather I am the kind who feels like he can be great at everything and be everything to everyone. It’s a fault but I do well enough […]