The (Ongoing) Saga of Comcast

TL;DR: The company has a multitude of contact methods for me that were entered when I created the service account, but will only contact me to provide account access via methods that I can cannot access unless I already have account access. And they are charging me overage fees in the meantime. A roommate, under […]

The Wind

The past couple weeks in SF have been windy. I feel like this is usually something I don’t mind but lately it makes me wish for escape. It’s a strange thing to have a weather phenomenon move you nearly to frustrated tears, but there it is. It comes from a few factors, of course. The […]

Yes, I Have A Mustache

Neither my first nor my last, but at current I have the largest mustache I have ever had. There are many pros and cons to the whole thing, but I’d have to say the biggest thing you notice about having a mustache is that 90% of your conversations with people are about your mustache. All […]

How To Get Banned From PyCon

PyCon was great for me this year. Before the conference, I had made a pact with myself to go to more talks, be less jaded, and to talk to more new programmers. All those were things I had trouble with last year and this year was so much more inspiring for me because I changed […]

Injury Recap

Quick injury story for those interested and asking: i got my tire caught in the muni tracks. i was going rather fast downhill (sanchez to 17th) and made a left turn too widely. i’ve made the turn a hundred times but i was drunk so over-confident that my angles would work out… they didn’t. spent […]


Many things take longer to do when you only have effective use of one arm. Typing, for example, or scooping ice cream (luckily eating ice cream is not very severely affected). I am learning this currently because I fractured some part of my elbow and my face in a bike accident earlier this week. My […]

From One, Two

It can take a little while for certain kinds of feelings to catch up with me after a breakup. It’s been a few weeks now, so I suppose it is about time. We’re adults now, we’ve learned to be honest when we care about someone, and we can look upon our dreams with sad eyes […]

America the Beautiful

Earlier today I asked a question on twitter, I wanted to know if there existed a mashup of something like Kayak’s lovely “Explore” interface and a listing of the random small-town events across the U.S. that I might want to go to. The idea being to get away for a weekend and see something unusual, […]

On Hold

Like many people, I dislike chores. My general approach to most things in life is to batch process things, I pile stuff up so that I can do it all once infrequently rather than doing it a little at a time. Usually this works pretty well, but every so often laziness overcomes responsibility, the system […]

It’s The Screamiest

A couple weekends back I participated in Art Hack Day with a bunch of neat people. If you’re unfamiliar, the idea is a weekend long hackathon “for hackers whose medium is art and artists whose medium is tech.” I had a bunch of ideas going in and tried to work with a few people but […]