Ars Electronica

At De Brakke Grond again today, it’s a bit chilly to sit outside but I’m doing my best to look relaxed and comfortable with my Chimay White.

I’ll be headed to Ars Electronica in about a week (Sept 5) for about a week (Sept 11), of course if you have added me on Dopplr you’d already know that. The new development in the matter, however, is that now I’ll be speaking in place of Jyri on a panel on Saturday.

That’s on tasty panini.

I don’t generally like panels so much, they often seem to be little more than a medium through which 5 people can plug their companies in a short time and then agree to disagree, but they do get you that speaker pass that gives you cred with the other speakers who are cooler than you that you want to meet.

If you’re in town you’ll surely find me at one of the two bars, the beer garden, the breakfast cafe or wandering aimlessly through the exhibitions accidentally insulting the artists by asking or making what I will find out are inappropriate questions or implications.

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