Apache Log Analyzer

I planned on writing something interesting about my new neighbors or about my lease expiring somewhat soon, but I don’t really feel motivated. So, this is just more of a general question.

Of those of you who run webservers, or administer them, or just have access to logs, what log analyzer do you use?

I didn’t really like Webalizer, Sawmill could be okay, but it is a bit of a pain and very slow. I can have Apache write the logs to a MySQL database, but I’d still have to come up with useful information from them, and while it sounds rather easy some of the metrics can become rather time consuming when you want to relate things. So, I wanted to know if anybody knew of a good, open-source, preferrably at least semi-dynamic log parser/analyzer. If you have a favorite, or more reasons why I should try something I already mentioned, leave a comment or otherwise get in touch with me, contact info is on my about page

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