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I have a job. Technically I have it since pretty much the day I left Google but up until recently I had been a part-time contractor to leave my options open for contracts while I traveled around the world, but I am now a full-time employee of Anso Labs working on OpenStack and many things about that are marvelous.

My office is a house that is on the other side of the block from my house — they actually touch at the back corners — and it has a tea making robot and a Tesla.

My team is smart, small and features two people I worked with at Flock back in my early days of startupery.

My project is interesting and important and is getting lots of good attention from the right people. NASA is our client so we get cool badges and I’m pretty sure I’m on the shortlist for the space ark (see you later, meatsacks).

I get to work on something I like, that other people like, with people I like, in a language I love. Oh, and I get paid. Hoo-rah.

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