Announcing BeerhugCamp

We’re gathering on a porch at 24th and Bartlett with 40’s this Saturday after dark to discuss the future of microsocializing.

If you are not yet familiar with the term, “microsocializing” refers to the habitual, and near ritualistic, activity of attending all free events related heavily to one’s own industry wherein the main goal is to “ping” the group of people who attend such events in order to keep alive the semblance of a friendship that can be used for mutual benefit when either participants social capital is called into question.

Come join, bring a 40. You’ll know when you see us.

3 thoughts on “Announcing BeerhugCamp

  1. also, discussion about harbls. Last session featured discussions on the illustrious “space docking” and eastern bloc politics. Proper attire required.

    NOTE: The “champagne of beers” is $2.25 OUT THE DOOR!

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