Adobe Bought Macromedia?

Yowza, 3.4 bills is quite a lot of money. Wasn’t it just a year or two ago that Macromedia got sued by Adobe for copying their UI design?

Things I would like to see come out of this: * Macromedia products use the Adobe-style interface * Macromedia products get more Mac-friendly (what’s with Flash running so poorly in Safari?). Adobe products have traditionally integrated wonderfully with Mac, it would be nice to have that same level of dedication from Flash. * Useful transitions between Adobe and Flash. Illustrator export to flash? * Premiere absorbs some Director usability and features. I want to have little Flash sprites flying around my videos. * Merging programs in general, although I’m sure this will all take a long time as hulks the size of Adobe don’t move quickly.

Back when I used Windows there was always the issue of choosing between the Adobe solution or the Macromedia solution, this merger pretty much solves that problem. Each set of software had its pros and cons, and while Adobe usually came out on top for me, enough so that it is the only company of the two with products currently installed on my Mac, they didn’t have Flash.

I think only good will come of this.

One thought on “Adobe Bought Macromedia?

  1. this is the best news i’ve heard allllll week

    the very thought that adobe’s interface may move over to flash/dreamweaver/fireworks makes me want to throw a wicked party with sexy ladies jumping out of sexy cakes

    just think- flash imported to pdf files… mmmm

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