A Trip to the Beach

Life has the tendency to stack itself up so that every once in a while you find yourself staring at a rather twisty equation. It all seems to make sense, of course, but you have to wonder whether you forgot a step along the way. I have learned over the years that I am a frequent forgetter of steps.

It has been a busy time lately, filled with working two jobs, on the way to a third; getting through the end of a semester at school while working on nailing down a schedule that will allow me to transfer; keeping my social life alive, if in a few pieces; planning a trip to Los Angeles for E3 that just keeps growing; and trying to keep up with the personal projects I have set for myself. And, honestly, I am proud that I am handling it, but it still takes a step towards the reason for it all, a chance for perspective, every once in a while to keep things moving.

Ever since I can remember, I have enjoyed the beach. It has been a personal promise to myself that any time I go to the beach I will get wet, and, starting a few years ago, that I will get my hair wet.

Well, Saturday found me in Santa Cruz, after going to the student art show at Cabrillo College and watching a movie at The Nickolodeon, and at 6:30pm, I was headed home to get to work. It was such a beautiful day out, however, that I just could not resist the allure of the beach.

All by my lonesome, I walked over to the boardwalk, grabbed a cajun dog (Oops! I didn’t even realize they had beef in them at the time), and watched the good times. Of course, I couldn’t forget my promise, so, shoes in hand, I sprinted out to waves like some kind of lunatic, and, as the water crashed on my head I felt ready for anything.

Walking back to the car, barefoot in the sand with shaggy hair dripping salty water all down my back, I couldn’t help but wear the brightest, stupidest grin you might ever see. It lasted the whole ride home.

That sense of readiness, almost a feeling of hope, came from a sudden rememberance of why I was doing all this.

You can measure success in many ways, be it fame, power, wealth, friendship, family, happiness, wisdom, or the amount of people you have helped. All of those, I feel, are part of success, and all should be sought in moderation. And yet, I have always felt there was something more that makes it all worth it.

Life may be a tangled web of people, places, and things, but there are moments that stand out, and whenever my life decides it should end, it is those beautiful moments that I hope to be seeing.

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