A Majority

Yadda yadda, Bush won, boohoo, I wouldn’t be happy if Kerry won with those numbers. As always, I am more disappointed in the system than the outcome, after all, outcomes change (sort of) but it looks like we’ll be stuck in this system for a long time. And to what am I referring? A simple majority deciding the outcome of national issues.

The difference between who wanted which candidate was within a few percentage points, that means approximately half of the voters don’t agree with the decision. Doesn’t that raise some flags for you? Half the country doesn’t agree with the other half, something must be wrong. If a possible outcome isn’t satisfactory to a significantly larger portion of the people, the possible outcomes aren’t very good.

If you’re trying to feed 40 kids, and 22 of them love eggs while the other 18 hate them, does it really make sense to go with eggs for breakfast? Maybe you should look around for something that more of them can agree on if you want to be able to handle the ones that are going to be pissed off.

Obviously this is much more difficult in the narrow world of partisan politics, but the current instantiation of this system teaches competitors that the safest bet is to place as much emphasis on any issue in which they are likely to get 51 percent as possible and make everything seem black and white. It’s like a sales team choosing an ad, they’ll put millions of dollars into making the best ad instead of getting a better product.

But half of America doesn’t agree, or at least they don’t think they agree, and I hope this time they raise some hell about it. My respect to CivicSpace and anybody else who helps people voice their disagreement in a public forum, regardless of which side they are on, because better options won’t be presented until people (and politicians) are forced to realize that half is not enough.

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  1. This is a great post, Andy. Well-written, very eloquent. I read it, and thought that in my head, so I figured I’d click through and actually write it.

    /me hums “Raise a little hell…”

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