A Concert Experiment, Redux

I promised, long ago, to blog about a concert experiment I was trying. Here is a bit of a long-winded rambling attempt.

The plan was to expand my social circle by going to 3 concerts with 3 different girls that I hadn’t known at the time of the writing. At least, that is ostensibly what the plan was.

Truthfully, the largest reason for this plan was to give me a reason to go on a date with The Coffee Shop Girl (TCSG). You see, I go to this coffee shop all the time, and there is a cute girl who works there that, over my time in Vancouver, I have begun flirting with every time I go in. She really does brighten my day in a way that only random flirting from strangers can. Anyway, the point was to ask to her to one of the shows.

So I did. She said she’d think about because she’s not really that into rock and while she likes going to concerts she really wouldn’t want to go to a show that she didn’t like. Fair enough, I gave her time to decide, and the day before the show she took the “no thanks” route, leaving me with a day to find my next date.

Asking around to the people who I had met in meatspace didn’t provide anything on such short notice, plus nobody had heard of the band (…And You Will Know Us By The Trail of Dead), so, literally minutes before the show, I posted something on trusty ol’ livejournal and got myself a date to the show with Kara.

Kara was nice. She’s a ballerina, “gets her lolita on,” and is an English Literature major at UBC. We both enjoyed the show, although our personalities somewhat sabotaged each other, preventing either of us from gaining the upper hand that we were after. I learned what the allusion to wearing an albatross around one’s neck came from. I invite her places from time to time, but we haven’t seen each other since.

The next show was Blonde Redhead, and I had put off asking anybody again, still feeling a little disappointed about TCSG. Nonetheless, a couple nights before the show, I asked Cheryl, a girl I had met a while previous, technically before the writing of the concert experiment idea, whom I had also met through… you guessed it, livejournal. That’s 0 for meatspace, 2 for cyberspace.

The show with Cheryl was good, she enjoys dancing, and the music was perfect for the mood we were in. We were friends before the show, and friends afterwards, so I guess it was a success. Oh, and Cheryl is great and always comes to my rescue.

The last show was Le Tigre, to which I took Stephanie. The Stephanie story has a bit more to it, as Stephanie saw the posting I made about the concert and contacted me about wanting to go. But she missed an important part of the post: the word “date.” Stephanie is married to Tyrell. But it all worked out and the three of us are quite good friends now. Stephanie is an illustrator, an artist, and a cook. Did I mention 0 meatspace, 3 online? Yeah, Stephanie found me on livejournal, too.

The show itself was quite exciting, I was — here’s the quote — in a “sea of vagina.” Le Tigre has a very strong following of girls who are into girls, I would not be too far off to say that 85% of the crowd was female. And, get this, TCSG was there, too. We said hello, but not much else before the concert made communication difficult.

Nonetheless, out of the whole concert experiment, I did gain a few good friends, and through them have expanded my social circle considerably. I consider it a victory, although I still need to ask out TCSG and get a positive answer before I can consider my goals accomplished.

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