A Certain Kind of Feeling

It sneaks up you, that butterflies-meets-ninjas feeling, in your stomach, usually while you are talking to somebody interesting. Maybe it was because you were browsing your favorite tags in [del.icio.us(http://del.icio.us) early that day, or maybe the person you were talking to mentioned an odd relationship between two seemingly unrelated items.

Whatever it is, it makes you want to code. If you are like me, you try to keep your laptop with you wherever you go, but also, if you’re like me, trying to pop open your laptop in the middle of a noisy crowd and sit down to write the next killer app isn’t very likely to work.

Then again, to a programmer, what is likely to work and what is possible seem like very, very separate things.

[Paul Graham](http://www.paulgraham.com/gh.html Great Hackers) gave a great presentation last night, one which should be read by anybody who writes software or works with those who do. That talk is probably my current inspiration to learn some more, to write some more, to exercise my brain, and, if you’re a programmer, let it be yours, too.

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