A Boxing Analogy Gone Too Far

I woke up this morning to a criticism by Kottke and a fortress of a response over in Mena’s Corner that conjure up a boxing analogy similar to when Rocky, half beaten to death, takes out The Russian Boxer for the climactic finish of Rocky IV. Except that in this story, instead of pummeling the The Russian Boxer into a submissive pulp, Mena tries to convince him that his punches don’t hurt her and aren’t even hitting her. Unfortunately, as the match drags on, it becomes apparent that she certainly is feeling the pain because she is talking about punches that weren’t even thrown. She finishes strong, but the fight has taken its toll.

I think Mena is a strong and intelligent woman, but I’m certain that if she takes the path she describes for SixApart she will get no love from the blogosphere. In the end, Jason is still dead on when he says:

Consider Six Apart as an example of what I’m talking about. 6A is like a black hole for creative people. Folks who, a year or two ago, were among the leading voices in the discussion of how weblogs were changing our culture, were coding all sorts of useful plug-ins for Movable Type, or were pushing the edges of web design are now focused on making software that generates revenue and aren’t saying a whole lot about it. (Sort of ironic that working for 6A kills the weblogs of their employees, isn’t it?) That’s great for them, for Six Apart, their customers, and their partners, but it kinda sucks for the community as a whole.

I hope Mena and SixApart start playing a different game and address the concerns that Kottke raises.

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