87 Blogs and Web Design Indulgence

Today was a day off for me, the first real one in a quite a while, and over the past couple days my aggregator’s unread counts were going up without ever going down, that’s blog geek talk for “I wasn’t reading my usual blogs,” so today was a chance to catch up on a lot of that. Unlike some of the [apparently] insanely efficient bloggers, I only have 87 feeds on my NetNewsWire list, but lately that has been quite enough, especially considering one of those is my del.icio.us inbox and, thanks to NNW 2.0, I have enough persistence that after a couple days I end up with around 500 new entries in that feed.

Of course, it is not enough to simply read the entries, you actually have to click on all those links that go to the other places with more links that go to more places until you feel you really have a firm understanding of why your meatdog needs to become a cyborg or just how anti-humanity intellectual property laws really are. The one that really caught my fancy today, however, was Stopdesign’s rundown of Web Essentials.

I am a design and usability geek. Yes, I work as a programmer and have always made more money writing code to make halfway decent websites than telling people how they should be making their great websites, but in my soul I feel the tug of information architecture.

Coding to me has always been about shifting the most data, getting it into the most versatile form, and presenting it in the most useful way. I look on with awe at people like Jeremey Zawodny who can take on things like database optimization. Database optimization is hot, so is design optimization, and so is architecturally sound code. Just talking about it makes me giddy. Toss in some color theory and some heavy encryption and you’ve got yourself a date. Although, a woman that efficient, stable, beautiful, and secure would probably ruin me for the rest of the girls out there, or just crush me into a little ball with her limitless power.

I wonder what it would be like working as a consultant…

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