2,3 Weeks

More like 3.5 but the kid (ha, I can say that, I’m old now) who proved the universality of the 2,3 Turing machine is giving a tech talk right now. I’ll have to watch the video afterwards.

But yeah, 3 and a half weeks in, how do I feel? (This is one of those list posts)

  • Only a little like a cog, far less than I expected to even if I’ve already found myself complaining about changes to my cube walls (they put a hole in so that team members on either side of the wall could communicate, but it now means I stare at the back of somebody’s head).
  • They moved an Argentine dude near me, which is cool I get to practice some Spanish and I have a good track record of befriending Spanish and Portuguese speakers. He brought me a chocolate cookie treat yesterday.
  • Mediamatic has a much better coffee machine and coffee system all together. The espresso machine here lamely gives you miniscule amounts of coffee and you have two… handles? One which stores probably 4 people worth of coffee and one that stores half a person if that. So either you get mega-tiny coffee or you have to pack a big cup full and waste a bunch of beans. Additionally the milk is stored across the room from the machine so you have to do this little juggling act running back and forth to get a cup, steam your milk and pull your coffee. I suppose I can file a ticket. How do I buy one of the Mediamatic machines for my home? And where do I get a better handle? I’ll totally be the guy who has his own, I want copies of both the size handles that Mediamatic has, they appear to have the same form factor. Oh and the steam wand is this wussy looking white thing, I suppose it does the job but come on give me some industry.
  • My monitor is BIG, that’s nice. It sort of feels like sitting in front of a microwave though, I’m very superstitious about radiation.
  • Why isn’t my linux faster? Firefox specifically eats everything it can get. There are some internal howtos for boosting the performance but I was really looking forward to a computer that can move faster than I can, j00 know? Monitor is fucking huge though. Theoretically we can upgrade to a newer version pretty soon. Also, just switched to FluxBox which speeds things up as all I use is a terminal and a web browser anyway.
  • Breakfast burrito every morning. Yumtastic.
  • Have my bike near my desk, sweeet.
  • I think the Ops guys have a much more dorm-like office than we do, kind of nice atmosphere over there. We need to get a rug, it’ll really tie the room together.

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