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darf.gif Star Wars Epidosde III Humor, for already-seen-it types (tags: starwars humor swe3 comic) BNF and EBNF: What are they and how do they work? (tags: parsing syntax grammar bnf backus-naur programming computerscience) SPARK A python-based parser that uses BNF for parsing context-free grammars (tags: bnf python code :code parsing grammar)

House: Warmed.

Chris and I — with some considerable prep help — threw a Housewarming / Memorial Day Barbecue at our new place here in [SOMA]. It was a great time, many thanks to everybody who was able to make it and my apologies to anybody who left that I was unable to say goodbye to whilst […]


Is there a meme I’m missing somewhere? Over the past a couple days I’ve been seeing feline everywhere I look. First it was Jeremy and his doom cat, followed shortly by the Miss Shh’s seemingly endless supply of cuddly bits (I think she does some sort of pet adoption work). I thought that would be […]

BrainWash and Free Wifi

This morning when I walked in to BrainWash (where I decided to sit for a bit due to the reasons mentioned in the second half of this sentence) I noticed a bunch of signs proclaiming, “Free wireless now at BrainWash. I think neato, they finally did it, and entertain thoughts that my loud conversations about […]

Maximum Rude

Sitting in a Starbucks at midnight again when two cops walk in loudly describing every climactic scene and plot point of Episode III. Now, I luckily saw the movie at midnight when it opened but what of the other 6 people currently in here? Had I not seen the movie already I would have wanted […]

Codename Beta

Just set up a quick site for the event (and future events) at It will be made cool as necessary and as time permits. Tags: [tag:party], [tag:superhappydevhouse]

links for 2005-05-17

Painless Functional Specifications – Part 1: Why Bother? From Joel on Software, the man when it comes to this. This is an ancient post, but every bit as applicable no as ever. (tags: software code architecture specs ia)

Star Wars Episode Three Walk-By

I had a meeting in the Financial District at 2pm and on my way home I usually walk by the Metreon. I was looking at my phone trying to find somebody nearby who might be interested in going to a movie with me, only to look up to see this: That’s right, Storm Troopers on […]

Dodgeball Bought By Google

In my mailbox a couple minutes ago: Big news, dodgeball fans! On May 11th, was acquired by Google! … Q: What does the acquisition mean to dodgeball? What’s going to change? A: Now that we’re part of Google, we’ll have more resources available to us. That means Alex and I can get back to […]

They Just Couldn’t Get Enough

The news breaks that I am moving back down to California from Vancouver, and what happens? Flickr announces that they have been bought by Yahoo and they move down to California from Vancouver. Coincidence? I think not. There may only be about 280 photos currently tagged with ‘termie‘ in the system, but I think it […]