Ever noticed how when shows, events or flights are scheduled for 12:01am they tell you that it is on the date of the day before. I mean, my computer and phone both start saying it is Friday at 12:00am after 11:59pm on Thursday. This draws me right into the “this Friday” vs “next Friday” argument that has plagued me for ages.

Yes, I am sitting in SFO right now. No, the flight didn’t arrive at 12:15am on July 29th. Every plan from this point on needs to be completely re-evaluated. I had planned to sleep in until noon, but that shouldn’t really happen now, because I’ll be wanting to sleep in until noon tomorrow.

It has been a very, very long week.

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  1. Oh no , “this Friday” vs “next Friday” comments always triggers memories of discussions about 0-based index vs 1-based index array . The conclusion for me is — regardless of what is better — is don’t change what works without significant benefit , which there would not be . There would be pain , lots of pain . Clearly the solution for “this Friday” is to inflict pain or pleasure . Starting tomorrow , every 2nd (of a month) “this Friday” I am going to bring in treats . After I have established the pattern , I will begin reminding people on different days treats are “this Friday” . In a few generations , there will be no debate .

  2. Lloyd, what’s up with the space-before-punctuation thing? Is that a “I’m Canadian, deal with it”- kind of thang?

  3. Maybe I do it a little because it really tweaks some people 😉

    I can turn it on and at will. I do not write horizontally (or vertically) spacey code!

    One of my passions, which I have yet to give the attention I hope to in my life, is English spelling reform and more generally English reform.

    And that passion does not really relate much at all 😉 The real reason is I have had to use legacy searching systems, and disparent searching tech. It did not take long before I decided that it was cheaper for me to put spaced puntuation, then worry about missing “hits” while tracking down a problem because of inconsistently handled “meta” characters.

    How many times has your browser not gone to “http://www.flock.com.” , or has some tagged “Linux,” :-p

    So in closing , it is a workaround to a problem of technology .

    I like forward to the day when I need no ( manually entered ) punctuation at all , Lloyd

    PS. Do you find it harder to read ?

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